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REACH is an academic and career support program for middle school and high school students from low socio-economic status.


REACH ensures that youths from low-income and minority backgrounds receive opportunities to increase their chances of receiving a high school diploma and thus being ready for college and a career. 

REACH focuses on improving the education and career opportunities for youths by developing partnership with local school districts and other non-profit organizations that serve youths from low-income families. 

REACH provides tutoring, academic mentoring, and career coaching to under-achieving low-income students through summer, weekend, and after-school programs and assist them in becoming productive citizens.



Project Education is a program directed towards children of low-income families that subsidizes educational costs by providing school supplies, uniforms, and financial assistance for tuition and boarding.

School Supplies Drive: Project Education collects and donates school supplies to children who cannot afford. 

Financial Assistance: Project Education provides financial assistance through scholarships towards tuition, boarding, and food.


Girls for STEM is a program to encourage girls from low socio-economic background to embrace STEM subjects and careers related to STEM fields.

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